The Experienced Team

Davynka Moss and her team have the experience and dedication to deal with the complexities of housing settlements in this still booming market.  With the most important thing in each settlement being the client, the team at Moss Conveyancing are ready to help you with anything from information on the process, or just a bit of friendly advice.

Moss Conveyancing are all about service.  Davynka and her team want to make your experience as painless as possible.  To that end, their working hours are flexible and if you can’t get to them, they’ll come to you. 




Davynka Moss


(08) 9841 2144      Fax: (08) 9841 3533

Mobile: 0427 443 403

43 Duke Street
Albany WA 6330



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The Local Independent Team

Moss Conveyancing is your local independent settlement agency offering friendly, efficient and reliable service. Avoid any conflict of interest when you buy or sell your next house, unit or farm. Moss Conveyancing act for one party in every transaction, they have your best interests at heart.

You need to best settlement advice to ensure your settlement runs smoothly. Ensure you nominate Moss Conveyancing as your settlement agent when you buy or sell your next property.